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New Post 11/17/2007 10:06 PM
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Maximum Strength 

Dear Professor Verkhoshansky,

How important is maximum strength for non strength athletes? Is there a point where maximum strength won't yield to better performance for none strength athlete even if they keep the same weight without adding weight and having very low bodyfat?  

Thank you

New Post 11/18/2007 1:47 PM
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Re: Maximum Strength 


Maximum strength is only a part of the equation. Rate of foce development is extremly important in athlethics.  To understand why,  study  the  force-time functions, and couple it with the basic truth that many sporting actions actually have a time spawn shorter then the time  required for the biological organism to develop maximum force.

Many times, especially for high level athlethes with fairly high levels of strength, training max-strength as a focus of training is counterporductive. Instead , training designed to optimize RFD should be focused.Furthermore the training should be different depending on what portion of the force time curve is targeted by the sporting event trained, mainly explosive strength or stating strength.   "Speed" is still king  in sports.

This is not to say max-strength is not important. Yet blindly training for more and more max-stregth will not always reflect in better performance on field. Dont be over-concerned with results in weight room. Gauge gains though sporting results and advancement in the process of obtaining sport mastery. This is what should be  important, for both the coach and sportman.

Dan Partelly


New Post 11/20/2007 3:33 PM
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Re: Maximum Strength 

I also would like to know the thoughts of Prof. Verkhoshansky on this subject. Today, especially  in the USA, it is thought that max-strength wins everything. I believe it is not the case in European countries or Soviet blocks. I am also focusing on strength rather than speed. But i dont exacylt know when to make speed priority. (i mean at what strength level).  how much squat or deadlift? I am aware that Rate of force development is more important but i am still not really relaxed until my strength becomes great enough. then i can almost just focus on the speed part.


Jason Dwight

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