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New Post 11/29/2007 2:53 PM
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My training video 

Dear all,


I made a few videos for the group and some other forums, to comment on, I am 46, 185 to 195 pounds, 15 and 3/4 arms, 46 chest, 32 to 36 waist and about 5 foot 8 inches.


Now some on the HIT forum talk of injury and momentum coming into play, could the group possibly comment on this.


The HIT people do the slow style of lifting, 2/4, that limits your force/power/strength output in my opinion. Lets say your 1RM bench is 300, so 240 is 80% what you use for reps of 10 at 2/4, and at 2/4 you are only producing 240, I am trying to rep as fast as I can thus I am trying to produce my full force/power/strength and try all the time to produce 300 pounds, which is my 1RM.


I moved those weights with my one hand. I am trying to constantly accelerate into the bar, I am constantly pushing into the bar, and am not breaking terminal velocity, and as we know there is momentum in all moving objects, but as far as I know as I aid I am constantly trying accelerate into the bar and staying in front of any extra momentum.

Albert Einstein,
Take a bathroom scale into an elevator, stand on the scales, and see when it registers the greatest weight ??? When the elevator is at full stop, or is moving upwards or is moving downwards. You will note that offloading takes place when the elevator accelerates downwards and that enhanced loading takes place as you begin to accelerate upwards.

Sir Isaac Newton,
Newton's 2nd Law,
An increase in the upward acceleration will increase and not offload the force exerted on the lifter. The only way to offload a muscle is to accelerate downwards with the load, not to slow it down while going upwards.


We have done many tests, and you always fail faster in the faster reps, this is because they are harder and more intense, lets say you beck 200 for 15/15 rep speed, and you do two reps, the TUT is 60 seconds, take the same weight a rep it at 1.1, you will do about 21 reps, but fail about 30% earlier in TUT at about 42 seconds, proving the faster rep is the harder and more intense on the muscles.

My friends have borrowed my camcorder, so this is from my digital camera, but its got 8 million pixels so it will have to do, but it did not come out as good as I wanted, there was not enough light and I should have done it in daylight, I put some sheets up to help but it made it worst.

I Have been doing these one armed pullover for nearly 50 weeks now that’s just about a year, and its been full progress, when I say full progress, I mean I have always got every rep of every set, and that is truly amassing, but its now getting very hard, and its ironic, but the fist time I failed on a rep and its on camera.

And I was supposed to do 67, 87 and 97, but went up higher for the camera, I went for 30/15/10 at 70, 90 and 100, it was a mistake, As image on a single joint exercise (well I call it single joint) like this and you close to your limit and you should have added one pound, but you added four, and remember its one handed, and as you can see on the second set I did not get my full reps, and the last was very hard also, and just for the camera I threw in 20 fast forced assisted reps at the end, I could have easily gone to fifty reps as you will see, I no not usually do or need these extra reps, I was going to do a few negatives after this, but if you notice at the end I did actually try one, but just could not hold it at all.

I have done 20 x 90 15 x 110 10 x 120, for full reps.

On the 99% of these reps I have not gone to failure; I just terminate the set when the desired reps are done.

These one armed pullover were done on the Nautilus Super Pullover, not sure if the same weight, lets say a 100 will feel or be the same on any other machine.

 Set One = This set acts as a warm up, (warm up, this by far the hardest set) and maximally stresses the musculature and all the support systems as a warm up. Which is needed to achieve maximum metabolic, structural, and CNS efficiency. Pump after the first set is pretty incredible.

Just noticed that I only did 29 on the first set, must have been nerves in front of the camera, and they all are full range, you can tell that if you look at the distance, the weight stack goes down. As you can see these were quite easy reps.

Rep speed on the first set was .85/.85; the whole working set took 50 seconds.

Set Two = This is a maximal effort set, and the last two reps are "dead stops". While this is generally a difficult set, failure is not always the goal. If I am in a "progress" phase, I only look for a rep or couple pound increase every session.

As I said before I went up a bit to much on these sets, and assisted myself on the first rep with my other hand, and as you will see these reps were quite hard, and then very hard, I got 13 full reps here, I should have terminated the set at 13, but went for tow more, which was another mistake.

Rep speed on the second set was .85/.85; the whole working set took 23 seconds.

Set Three = this set is to failure if needed, but the overload rep or weight goal is more important. Each rep is attacked with the intension of moving the weight as fast as possible. Intensity is at the level that I have to sit at the end for a few seconds and regain orientation. It is a violent, intense effort and the first two sets are staging to prepare for it. There would be NO WAY to get here in a single set.

As you will hear from the noise and vibration, and my dog barking in the background, this was a full out work set. On the first two sets you seen my other hand on my waist, on this set I forgot about this, and out it on my chest, where I usually put it, and you can clearly see it there. And it was as you can see hard, for the camera I threw in 20 fast forced assisted reps at the end, I could have easily gone to fifty reps as you will see, I no not usually do or need these extra reps, as I very well now know, failure is not needed to get very strong or relatively strong for your size, I was going to do a few negatives after this, but if you notice at the end I did actually try one, but just could not hold it at all.

Rep speed on the third set was .85/.85; the whole working set took 17 seconds.
As you all my know at the stretched position of the Nautilus, well the old ones, not sure what the new ones are like, in the stretched position its very dangerous, but as you can well see I put huge forces on my one arm, and at the highest speeds I could move the bar, the speed and force at the top turnarounds must have been huge, was I hurt no, but please if your just into the weights do not try this, as I am very used to doing this.
I did .85/.85 on all sets, hey that’s funny.

Notice how fast failure comes ???
And if someone comments on form, remember I made a mistake and put on to much for the camera, but in my eyes the form was fine, its hard to do anything but form on this machine, however when using very heavy weights relative two oneself, I am sorry but full form will have to go out of the window, as you just can not use very heavy weight and use perfect form, if you do, you will only limit yourselves, I was trying to stimulate as much stress on the lats as I could.

I did these Sunday night, and my right side lats, traps, triceps and chest was sill sore on Wednesday, and today my lats are still a bit sore.





Paul Evans



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