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New Post 12/3/2007 3:41 AM
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"Super-Pletnev" Method 
Dear Professor Verkhoshansky,

What you think about the combination of different types of muscle work regimens in the same set? I saw this method in the book “Los Métodos Modernos de Musculación” by Gilles Cometti. Example of the “Super-Pletnev” method in the bench press:

6 repetitions eccentric only with 90% of 1RM, 5 minutes of rest
6 repetitions in plyometric with 60% of 1RM, 5 minutes of rest
6 isometrics with 70% and finally
2x6 repetitions in concentric with 50% of 1RM
Repeat all 1-4 times

It seems that the author was based on studies of:

Pletnev, B. (1975): The effectiveness of different regimens of muscle work with equivalent loads. Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, 10, 20-23.

Pletnev, B. (1976): The dynamics of muscle strength using different combined work regimens. Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, 9, 19-22.

Hakkinen, K.; and Komi, P. (1981): Effect of combined concentric and excentric muscle work regimens on maximal strength development. Journal of Human Movement Studies, 7, 33-44.

What you think about this idea? Any comments?

Thank you very much!

Marcelo Cardoso
New Post 12/4/2007 8:17 PM
  Prof. Verkhoshansky
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Re: "Super-Pletnev" Method 

Dear Marcelo Cardoso,

I know very well this method, I used its basic idea in my training programs aimed at the increasing of maximal strength. 

Yuri Verkhoshansky

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