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New Post 5/3/2008 4:22 PM
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"Old" Priciples of Training 
Dear Dr. Verkhoshansky;
The more I read and have experience in practical field the more the basic and “old” principles of training seem to be more important and logical, but, it also seem that people and trainers are always looking for something new and complex and they “forget” those principles. For example I have read a scientific work that conclusion was that the athletes that used to train with more weights and used to vary the loads were stronger. Is there any necessity to research this? Is not it obvious? That is training! Yakovlev, Volkov, Viru and you stated such things for so many years.
What are your actual thoughts about these “old” principles? (Specificity, Overload, Recovery, Adaptation, Reversibility, Individual Differences, Progression and Variability). I know there are new principles in your work (dynamic correspondence, conjugate-sequence system and others) but I would like to hear your opinion about these.
I hope is everything fine with you and thank you very much for the attention.

Riicardo Barros - Brazil
New Post 5/26/2008 6:31 PM
  Prof. Verkhoshansky
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Re: "Old" Priciples of Training 

Dear Ricardo Barros,

to express opinions about “principles of training” it needs, at least, to definite what is “principle of training” by general point of view (for example, the principle of Dynamic Correspondence is not the principle of training but the principle of the SST means selection).

This is a question not for internet forum, but for the International Congress dedicated to the theoretical problems of the sport science.


But, I agree with you, there are too many fragmentary researches dedicated to discover what has been discovered many years ago. This happened also because most part of my colleagues prefer to make experiments often without the theoretical thesis to be demostrated.


A great Italian scientist, Alessandro Volta, wrote “there is nothing more practical than a good theory”

Yuri Verkhoshansky

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