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New Post 12/16/2008 6:26 AM
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starting strength for boxing 
prof. verkhoshansky;

 training for starting strength for boxing specific speed and power;

 arm extension excercises(which would be ballistic), replicating a one arm dumbell bench press(also incline press) but with an implement that fits in the hand easily and can be released into the air  (a shot put as an example)
trunk rotation with cable machines and medicine balls
leg extensions such as weighted jump squats, or one leg unloaded jump squats, and more specifically - stepping  in a boxing stance against an incline or a cable resistance around the waist

what do you believe would be the optimum % of 1rm for these excercises?
i have often heard that 30 to 50 % is optimal but i do not believe this is applicable to boxing when considering the external resistance in boxing is only a boxing glove and involves very high velocity in a such a short time, would not 10% or lower be optimal?

also what do you think of punching underwater considering the volume that can be accomplished with out the need to catch or retrieve an implement?
i am aware this would be of no use for the legs or trunk but for handspeed would it be effective?

any input would be greatly appreciated

glen walling, sydney, australia

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