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New Post 7/4/2012 5:54 AM
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I have question about PASM and LTAD.
After reading as many articles on PASM as I could find and reading / talking to Dr. Balyi as well as others on LTAD it appears to me that they are very similar. The biggest difference is that research in the last few years on neuromusclar adaptations in adolescents is proving that PASM is the way coaches should be training their young athletes (12-18 yr). Looking at the "training process" (The skills of programming the training process) as well as other papers talk about "motor potential" is exactly what the research proves.

My questions:
Why is PASM not as known as LTAD?
Is there more information on PASM to share with coaches?
Would you suggestion other readings besides the ones on this site?
Has anyone read articles comparing "process vs. outcomes". Too many of the sport coaches I work with want numbers (squat max or 1 rep max) and they do not look at the process the athlete needs to go through to develop the correct technique.

I am a strength coach at a high school (14- 18 yr old) in America and I have been trying to get my sport coaches to buy into the fact that heavy strength training is not needed for adolescents because they do not have the motor patterns established yet. We would have better results using lighter weight, developing outstanding technique because that would developing proper motor patterns which take years not a couple of weeks.

Comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Patrick McHenry MA,CSCS*D
Colorado USA
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