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New Post 4/13/2007 8:53 PM
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Charniga translations 
Dear Professor Verkhoshansky,

In the foreword of  "Special strength training" book , you mention that Charniga published books where done whithout your knowledge, and the translations are not directly corresponding to your original work in some places, things which may create confusions about your ideeas.

My questions is:

 will you use the Web site to point out the problematic sections and their correct interpreatation to correct possible misunderstandings which may arise ? Or in your future works ?  Do you have a list with the problematic isuees in those texts ?

Thank you
Dan Partelly

New Post 4/22/2007 11:02 PM
  Prof. Verkhoshansky
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Re: Charniga translations 

Dear Dan Partelly,

your questions about the unauthorized translations is correct and I understand the point of view of readers, but I wish expose to your attention a basic question that I try to make clear with an hyperbolic example:

Could a person think to ask to Bill Gates to point out the differences or the bugs of his software programs (windows or office) referring to a software package that he bought, for example, in an pirate Russian language version?


I know the software is a different matter, but it’s always a copyright issue. I make this example because in the common thoughts of the people it’s clear the situation for a well know product of intellect.

The difference with Microsoft example is the amount of money involved and the economic power of the original author to engage lawyers to claims his rights and, more than this, to stop the piracy.


The opinions about the bad translation of my book “Special strength training” by Charniga was expressed for the first time by M. Siff and it was the most important argument he used to convince me to publish a book together with me where he wanted to present the correct interpretations of  my two books published by Charniga: “Special strength training” and “Programming of training”. At that time I completely trusted his opinion, also because other English spoken persons (I don’t remember now, who exactly) said me the same things. I am not English spoken person and I didn’t have any reason to non trust them. Regards the Charniga publications, I though that a not correct person can’t do a correct interpretation. For all this reason I didn’t want to control the text of this two books and didn’t prepare “a list with the problematic issues in those texts”.

Recently, I read messages in internet forums with different opinion about the Charniga translation and I was very surprised, because the persons who expressed this opinion seem to me good experts in this issues (for example, Steven Plisk, Kenny Croxdale and James Smith).

But I decided to not return in the past and I don’t wish clear this question. I am a old person and all this sad story about my American publications has been very painful for me until now.   


In the near future I will publish a book in which there is the summa of all my Russian books and recent works about this matter.


Yuri Verkhoshansky

New Post 4/23/2007 8:40 AM
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Re: Charniga translations 

Dear Prof. Verkhoshansky,

I am sorry that this whole issue with the unauthorized translations caused you grief and pain. You make a very good point on the whole issue. Thanks for letting us know your stance on the issue.

Ill wait for your new books.

Dan Partelly,Romania

New Post 4/24/2007 3:58 PM
  James Smith
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Re: Charniga translations 

Zdrastvuyte Dr. Verkhoshansky and to the rest of my overseas friends,

I am a non-competitive strength athlete and the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (for American Football) at the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (US). Some of you may be familiar with my work with Elite Fitness Systems and my website Power Development Inc.

I think that I can provide some clarity as to the usefullness of the Charniga texts.

It is important for me to state that I owe nearly the entirety of my capacity to plan the training in regard to what I have learned through reading the translated works of Dr. Verkhoshanky, Dr. Bondarchuk, Dr. Issurin, and other esteemed coaches, sport scientists, from Serbia, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, etc.

According to Dr. Verkhoshansky the conditions under which the Charniga translations were published were removed from the direct consultation and approval of Dr. Verkhoshansky and, therefore, include a certain degree of inaccuracies.

While these inaccuracies exists I think that the greater problem is the moral one which Dr. Verkhoshanksy has eluded to.

From an educational standpoint, I do think that the Charniga translations present a clear enough depiction of what is important to know. I am comfortable stating this because I am as well read as can be with respect to the translations that are approved by Dr. Verkhohshansky and my practical coaching experience (through which I am able to apply the learned information) is extensive enough to have seen the results.

More important then having read this or that is that we possess the capacity to practically apply the information contained in the literature.

So while the Charniga translations may not present 100% clarity as to the methodologies as they truly existed in every detail- they are certainly not void of usefulness.

I personally found that as I perfected my understanding of the literature presented in the Charniga translations (which I acquired prior to my acquisition of Dr. Verkhoshansky's approved work) that my transition and exposure to Dr. Verkhoshansky's approved work was very congruent.

The problem that I am now faced with is that I have been fortunate to have made the correspondence with Dr. Verkhoshansky and this presents me with difficulty in 'promoting' the Charniga texts.

At any rate, the most important factor in my opinion is that Dr. Verkhoshansky has made his presence available through this website. In this capacity, the possibility for misunderstanding the literature has been eliminated.

James Smith

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