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New Post 5/8/2009 7:41 AM
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Reverting back after injury? 

Dear Prof,

I am a high jumper and have recently come off a rehabilitation year for patella tendonitis, before the injury 1 year ago I was doing the green program below then the injury just got to severe and I wanted to jump without pain so we took 1 year of the yellow program to fix my knees. I have recently starting doing a more advanced blue program below without pain. After only doing the yellow program for 1 year I jumped a PB of 2.23m which was a bit of a suprise.

So here is my question.

would my body revert back to before starting plyometrics or lose some plyometric ability during the 12 months of rehabilitation program?

If i have been set back, how far would I have been set back?




Before stopping plyometrics. (PB 2.22m)

1 x Sprints

3 x Plyometrics

1 x Technique (Jumping)

rehabilitation program (introduction of weight training) (PB 2.23m)

2 x Weight training

1 x Sprints

and some technique sessions before the new PB

NOW program (introduction of plyometrics again)(PB ???)

2 x Plyometric

2 x Weight training

1 x Sprints

1 x Technique(Jumping)

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  New Forum  Old forum threa...  General  Reverting back after injury?