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I am pleased to announce that we are in the process of establishing the Verkhoshansky Institute of Sport (VIS) to honor the memory of the late Professor Yuri Verkhoshanky.

The institute aims to share the work of Professor Verkhoshanky with coaches and practitioners around the world, with the intent of supporting and promoting best practice in strength training for sport.

The first initiative that the VIS has set in place pertains the development of a certification process based on the training methodology pioneers by the late Professor Verkhoshansky.

At the moment, the certification path provides three courses: The Foundation Course - Specialized Strength Training Methodology - and two Advanced Courses - Shock Method and Block Training System.



The inaugural workshop, “Specialized Strength Training Methodology”, will be held on March 26-27th 2022 at Clinical Exercises Research Center of the University of South California.

The course has been approved by the National Strength and Condition Association for one point five Continuing Education Units. The certification is also pending approval by the California Physical Therapy Association.

Registration to the event in Los Angeles is now available until the exhaustion of seats. 

The Certification Completion will be released only by Verkhoshansky Institute of Sport, upon passing a written test. The certification will be electronically validated by Verkhoshansky Institute of Sport using the Blockchain technique.



The Advanced Courses will be available starting from June 2022. More dates and locations will be confirmed soon, both in North America and Europe.

 Natalia Verkhoshansky 

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