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Special Offer: “A compendium of Prof. Verkhoshansky’s forum answers with a preface on the related topics” and "Block Training System In Endurance Running"  (e.book)       € 19

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 While this book does not constitute a complete examination of Prof. Verkhoshansky’s material and research, it stands as a resource for those wishing to further clarify any issues or questions they may have had in regards to many issues of sport training methodology.

In the 140 pages you can find the answers on the followings topics:

Shock Method, Block Training System, Jump Training, Sport specific questions (combat sport, sailing, muay thai, American football, swimming, gymnastics, bobsled, weightlifting- Olympic and power, wrestling, boxing), Special Strength Training, terminology reference, Track and Field, Periodization and general principles of training, Recovery and Restoration.





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 In the 50 pages of this e.book you will learn the theoretical and practical principles upon which the Block Training System for endurance running has been developed, the results of its experimentation, and how has been build the training model with the description of each training means and the training programs used.

However, these principles can also be applied to develop a BTS for other endurance sport disciplines. The author, using the basis of this model, has developed other models for different endurance sport disciplines: rowing, skating and skiing.
More than 20 years have passed since the beginning of the experimentation on this training model; however, it is still a “winning model” as demonstrated by the results of its application in recent years.
One of most successful applications has been developed by Prof. Y. Verkhoshansky and Oreste Perri, Italian Rowing National Team coach (canoe, kayak).
The Italian National te am, via the integration of the BTS, won ten Olympic medals (four gold): five in Atlanta 1996, three in Sydney 2000 and two in Athens 2004.
The coaches engaged with endurance sport disciplines can find in this publication the bases and references to develop “their own Block Training System”.
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Special Strength Training: Manual for Coaches
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 Block Training System in endurance running (e.book) 


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Supertraining – Sixth edition expanded version
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Verkhoshansy's forum answers and Block Training System in endurance running (two e.books) 
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