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Three factors are characterizing the current status of methodology of training system:


  1. the probability to discover new, original and very effective training means is very low now. There are many effective means already discovered. The best way to improve the results comes from the method and system that uses them;
  2. the volume of training loads achieved the limit of reasonableness. Today the professional athletes are training about 8 hours per day, 2-4 times during the day, near to 1,700 hours per year. It’s quite impossible imagine any further increase of load volume. We should look for models that assure a most rational use of the training loads over the year cycle;
  3. today there is the tendency to increase the intensity of the training work to increase the effectiveness of the training process, especially for the top class athlete. This is an expedient that needs to be used very carefully according to the qualification of athletes, the level of their preparedness and the calendar of competitions.


We suggest you a way that can give a solution to these problems.



Special Strength Training

Special Physical Preparation (SPP)

Programming of Training

·   Typologies of  strength capacity and means and method of training


·   The principle of Dynamic Correspondence between the strength exercises and the competition main exercises


·   The Shock Method for improving the explosive strength and the muscles reactive capacity (the so called Plyometric Training)


·   The System of training means: how to integrate the means between them to improve the explosive capacity (conjugated method and contiguous method)


·   The concept of exercise’s Training Potential and the Conjugate-Sequence System

·      The methodological principles


·      Means and methods


·      Organization of Special Physical Preparation


·      Special Physical Preparation  in the sprint, endurance and game sport


·      Supermethods of the  Special Physical Preparation


·      Programming of training: an advanced process of training design and planning


·      The differences between the concept of Programming and the concept of Periodization


·      The Conjugate Sequence method of training loads organization


·      Block System: the basic model to build the year cycle program for high level athletes


·      Year cycle training: models for different sports



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